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The documentation has been separated into two sections: "Basics" is for end-user information and "Internals" for technical topics. This section of the documentation contains useful information about getting started with Gadgetbridge and about how to pair and use the app.

Gadgetbridge supports many wearables from different brands, but it is not limited to just wearable gadgets. To see a list of all gadgets that are supported in Gadgetbridge, see Gadgets.

When Gadgetbridge is first launched, it will request a lot of permissions, this is due to the amount of supported features that require permissions, like notifications, call logs, phone state, calendar, and so on. See List of permissions for more details.

Get started

If you haven't already, install Gadgetbridge from our home page. When you're ready, jump to the "Pairing" section with the button below to pair your first gadget.

Pair your first gadget