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Garmin watches

The following list includes all implemented features for Garmin watches. The actual supported features can vary for each device.

Not yet released

Support for this gadget has been added to Gadgetbridge's codebase, but is not yet released. It is already available in the nightly releases.


Support for these devices is recent, and still experimental. This page is also still a work in progress and not complete.

List of Garmin watches supported by Gadgetbridge:

Implemented features

These features are supported by Gadgetbridge and apply to all Garmin watch models included in this page. Note that actual available features per device depends on the device capabilities.

List of features supported by Gadgetbridge
  • Set time
  • Device info (firmware, model)
  • Device state (battery, sleep, wearing)
  • Calendar sync
  • Notifications, calls
  • Canned messages for calls and notifications
  • Contacts
  • Send GPS during workouts
  • AGPS upload
  • Activity sync
  • Realtime Settings
  • Weather

Activity Sync

The following fit file types are fetched from the watch and saved in the phone's internal storage:

  • Activity (workouts)
  • Monitor (daily activity, steps, HR)
  • Metrics (not parsed)
  • Changelog
  • HRV (not parsed)
  • Sleep

Known issues

Open issues

Do not forget to check any other open issues in the project repository.

  • Weather does not work on some devices
  • Activity sync sometimes gets stuck (eg. Fenix 7S)

Missing features

  • User information
  • Settings on older watches
  • Alarms
  • Hydration reminder
  • App management

There are more missing features that are not listed here.

AGPS updates

Watches fetch AGPS updates periodically, by sending HTTP requests directly. Gadgetbridge intercepts these requests and sends a file from the local phone storage. These can be configured from the "Location" page in the device preferences.