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Huawei/Honor gadgets

List of supported Huawei and Honor gadgets:

Supported features

Support for Huawei and Honor devices was added in pull request #2462.

Note that not all devices have support for all features.

  • Set the following band settings
    • Time
    • Language
    • Do not disturb
    • Inactivity warnings
    • Rotate wrist to switch info (only on some devices)
    • Activate display on wrist lift
    • Notification on bluetooth disconnect
  • Alarms
    • Including smart alarm (only on some devices)
    • Retrieving alarms that were changed on the device1
  • Battery level synchronization1
  • Show notifications (has some bugs)
  • Call notifications, with accept/reject (has some bugs on some devices, see this for more information)
  • Music control
  • Activity synchronization
    • Sleep synchronization (simple only, no TruSleep, none on Huawei Band 4 Pro)
    • Step count synchronization
    • Heart Rate synchronization (not supported by all devices)
    • SpO2 synchronization (not supported by all devices)
  • Workout synchronization (which ones are really present depends on device and workout type)
    • HR for workout
    • speed
    • step rate
    • cadence
    • step length
    • ground contact time
    • impact
    • swing angle
    • fore foot landings
    • mid foot landings
    • back foot landings
    • eversion angle
    • strokes (swimming)
    • pool length (swimming)
    • swolf (swimming)
    • stroke rate (swimming)
  • Find my phone, though it sometimes misbehaves
  • Weather support (not supported by all devices)
    • Current weather
    • Hourly forecast
    • Daily forecast
    • Sunrise/set
    • Moonrise/set
    • Phase of the moon
  • Sending GPS from the phone to the band during workouts2

See the Specifics for Huawei and Honor devices for an overview of how the Huawei/Honor devices differ from other devices in Gadgetbridge.

Known issues

Some devices report the pairing to be failed, even though the pairing worked perfectly well.

Not supported (yet)

  • TruSleep
  • Tidal information support
  • Stress measuring
  • Uploading watch faces
  • Starting a workout from GB
  • Real time data
  • Firmware operations (like updating)
  • Band info screen selection (choice & order)
  • Sending phone volume to the band (for the music control)

  1. Only retrieved/synchronized on activity or workout synchronization. 

  2. We had hoped this would enable workouts like "Outdoor Cycling", but that is not working yet.