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Huawei/Honor gadgets

List of supported Huawei and Honor gadgets:

Supported features

Support for Huawei and Honor devices was added in pull request #2462.

Note that not all devices have support for all features.

  • Set the following band settings
    • Time
    • Language
    • Do not disturb
    • Inactivity warnings
    • Rotate wrist to switch info (only on some devices)
    • Activate display on wrist lift
    • Notification on bluetooth disconnect
  • Alarms
    • Including smart alarm (only on some devices)
    • Retrieving alarms that were changed on the device1
  • Battery level synchronization
  • Show notifications (has some bugs)
  • Call notifications, with accept/reject (has some bugs on some devices, see this for more information)
  • Music control
  • Activity synchronization
    • Sleep synchronization (simple only, no TruSleep, none on devices that only support TruSleep data)
    • Step count synchronization
    • Heart Rate synchronization (not supported by all devices)
    • SpO2 synchronization (not supported by all devices)
  • Workout synchronization (which ones are really present depends on device and workout type)
    • HR for workout
    • speed
    • step rate
    • cadence
    • step length
    • ground contact time
    • impact
    • swing angle
    • fore foot landings
    • mid foot landings
    • back foot landings
    • eversion angle
    • strokes (swimming)
    • pool length (swimming)
    • swolf (swimming)
    • stroke rate (swimming)
    • calories
    • cycling power
    • altitude
  • Find my phone (must be paired as companion device)
  • Weather support (not supported by all devices)
    • Current weather
    • Hourly forecast
    • Daily forecast
    • Sunrise/set
    • Moonrise/set
    • Phase of the moon
  • Sending GPS from the phone to the band during workouts2
  • Uploading watch faces
  • Remote camera shutter support (limited functionality)

See the Specifics for Huawei and Honor devices for an overview of how the Huawei/Honor devices differ from other devices in Gadgetbridge.

Known issues

Open issues

Do not forget to check any other open issues in the project repository.

See the Specifics for Huawei and Honor devices for more details.

Not supported (yet)

  • Getting TruSleep data
  • In particular enabling TruSleep will stop GB from showing any sleep data at all
  • Tidal information support
  • Stress measuring
  • Starting a workout from GB
  • Real time data
  • Firmware operations (like updating)
  • Band info screen selection (choice & order)
  • Sending phone volume to the band (for the music control)
  • Fetching gpx tracks from watch

Pair without factory reset

As of pull request #3721 it is possible to pair a device with Gadgetbridge without factory reset after using the official app. For this, you need to get the Huawei account ID, a 17-digit number.

On rooted phones

Run following command in a root shell. (e.g. Termux for on-device, or ADB for on-computer)

grep old_user_id /data/data/

This should output something similar to this:

 <string name="old_user_id">20007000023812345</string>

The account ID in this example would be 20007000023812345.

Now, keep that key in your clipboard and jump to the next section to continue.

Entering key

Without root

It has also been reported that the key is printed to logcat by the official app.

Use the adb logcat command and search for huid=, you should be able to find the value for the key.

Entering key

Entering key

If you are currently on the "Device discovery" page, long press on the device name and click on "Auth key" to enter the key.

If you added the gadget already, touch the icon under your gadget name (while on the home screen) to go to the "Device specific settings", open the "Authentication" section, and click on "Auth key" to enter the key.

After entering your authentication key, try connecting to your gadget to see if it is working.

If everything works alright, congratulations! Now you can uninstall the vendor app of your gadget and start using Gadgetbridge.

Configuring your gadget

  1. Only retrieved/synchronized on activity or workout synchronization. 

  2. We had hoped this would enable workouts like "Outdoor Cycling", but that is not working yet.