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  • We have noticed that in some cases the Bluetooth traffic contains some bits of information (oauth_token, oauth_consumer_key, oauth_signature, ...) that might (potentially, we did not test) grant access to the user's garmin account. Therefore we warn all the users to mind this information when sharing the logs.
  • User data/configuration is unmanaged, which means that whatever was set in the official app will remain untouched, no matter what is set in Gadgetbridge.

Vívomove HR

Unknown support No-vendor pair

Support for this gadget was added in pull request #3180. Check the references pull request for more about supported features by Gadgetbridge.

It is likely that other devices of the same generation could be added with a relatively minor effort.

Additionally, work is in progress to add support for newer devices like "Vívomove Style" and "Forerunner 245". "Instinct solar" is also reported (see comment on issue #2280) to be compatible with this work in progress as well as "Vivoactive 4" (see issue #3299) and "Vivoactive 5" (see issue #3459).

Devices that need the third version of the protocol are: "Instinct Crossover" (see issue #3252) and "Instinct 2" (see issue #3063).

However our analysis indicates that there is no direct correlation between watch models and protocol version, as the protocol used by a specific device might change with the firmware version it runs.