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Unknown support No-vendor pair

Support for this gadget was added with pull request #1148. See also issue #1099.

When unboxing the ZeTime, it is most probably completely drained and should be charged for a few hours.

When powering on it says you should connect it with the ZeTime app. But it seems it is possible to skip that step. At least we were successful once.

There seem to be different modes the watch can be in:

  • A white screen with a barcode and a serial number, not sure how we get into that. It is possible to connect Gadgetbridge in that state but only "find lost device" (vibration) seems to work, no notifications etc.
  • An animation which tells you to install the official app. It is not possible to connect Gadgetbridge in that state. But the screen can be skipped. You can try to press the middle button for a long time to get out of that mode and go to the calibration mode. This is what we did, but after having the white screen and connecting once, not sure if this has to be done or not. It if does not work try to enter "Calibration Mode" as described below. We were not able to get into the "install the ZeTime App" mode again after having done the calibration, so we cannot re-confirm.
  • Calibration mode. At least after reaching the normal operation mode this can be triggered at any time by long pressing the upper and lower buttons till the watch turns off and then pressing the same combination again for a very long time (the ZeTime logo will appear, wait and still hold the button until the animation is interrupted and the screen turns black, then quickly release the buttons)
  • Normal operation. This is automatically reached after calibration has been done.

Firmware update is not supported in Gadgetbridge. The official app does not ship firmwares. They are updated via OTA updates.

The following firmware versions are known to us:

Firmware Version Notes
N1.0A1.0R1.4T0.3H0.5B0.0 Got this on the watch preinstalled
N1.0A1.0R2.5T0.3H0.5B3.5 Mapping of weather information needs Gadgetbridge >=0.44.0

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