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Server pairing

An auth key obtained with root from the official app is required to pair this watch with Gadgetbridge - see the Nothing CMF server pairing page for more information.

CMF Watch Pro

Highly supported Requires CMF token to pair

The CMF Watch Pro is highly supported by Gadgetbridge, with just a couple of known issues and missing features.

Tested on firmware, model D395.

CMF Watch Pro 2

Mostly supported Experimental Requires CMF token to pair

Not yet released

Support for this gadget has been added to Gadgetbridge's codebase, but is not yet released. It is already available in the nightly releases.

Support for the CMF Watch Pro 2 was added based on feedback from issue #3899. This is still considered experimental, since it is not extensively tested. All features supported by the CMF Watch Pro seem to apply to the CMF Watch Pro 2.

Known issues:

  • Setting the time to the past crashes the watch and may cause a factory reset
  • Sleep time does not match between Gadgetbridge and the watch
  • Goals (steps, calories, distances) do not sync
  • Contacts are not working
  • Measurement system (length, temperature) is not working

Untested features:

  • Calories, distance (no UI)
  • Heart alerts (low, high, high active, SpO2)
  • Watchface and AGPS upload

Tested on firmware, model D398.


The following is an extensive list of all the features implemented in Gadgetbridge for the Nothing CMF Watches:

  • Authentication
  • Battery
  • Firmware version, serial number
  • Set time and timezone
  • Notifications, with icons
  • Find watch from phone
  • Find phone from watch
  • Music info and buttons
  • Weather
  • Sunrise / sunset (only supported on watch 2?)
  • Activity sync
    • Steps
    • Calories, distance (no UI)
    • Heart Rate
    • Stress
    • SpO2
    • Sleep stages
    • Workouts and GPS tracks
  • Settings
    • Goals (steps, calories, distance)
    • Lift wrist to wake screen
    • All-day monitoring (heart rate, SpO2, stress)
    • Heart alerts (low, high, high active, SpO2)
    • Time format (12h/24h)
    • Alarms
    • Contacts
    • Workouts available on watch
    • Inactivity reminder
    • Hydration reminder
    • Measurement system (length, temperature)
  • Factory reset

Known issues

  • Alarms labels do not do anything on the watch, even in official app

Missing features

The following feature are not yet implemented in Gadgetbridge:

  • Fetch model number
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Do not disturb
  • Set watchface from phone
  • Some settings
    • Call reminder
    • Language
  • Read settings from watch
    • alarms
    • contacts
    • other settings
  • Activity data
    • Resting heart rate
  • Widget setup (CMF Watch Pro 2)

Experimental features

The following features are implemented in Gadgetbridge, but experimental / not heavily tested.

Watchface upload

Watchface upload is implemented and somewhat working.

When installing a watchface on the official app, the file can be found under /data/data/ for rooted devices.

AGPS upload

AGPS upload is implemented, but untested. The upload process seems to follow a very similar method as watchface upload.

It is currently not known how to obtain AGPS files.