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Amazfit Bip OS

Bip OS is a patched version of the original firmware allowing custom apps to be included in custom res files. The Alipay menu has been replaced by an application launcher menu.


  • Allows changing alarm times on device
  • Includes extra apps
    • Calculator
    • Calendar
    • Flashlight
    • Other demos
  • SDK to create own apps extra apps (res packer is windows only)


Do at your own risk!

Flash in this order:

  • firmware.fw
  • font.ft
  • resource.res

Tested and working

  • MNVolkov_BipOS_0.5.2_MOD_by_trace_1.1.5.12.fw
  • BOLD_v6.12_9.ft
  • MNVolkov_BipOS_0.5.2_Apps_Res_by_Ilgruppotester_for_trace_MNVolkov_MOD_11512_v61_music.res

Building own apps

Currently this is not supported on Linux, but compiling works fine. Packaging the resulting .elf files must be done with a windows tool, might run in wine.

Add application to resource file

ResPack -a <output_RES_file> <input_RES_file> files to be added

TODO: Test and document the process