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Amazfit Bip S Firmware Update


Installing firmwares has the potential to brick your gadget! That said, this has never happened to any of the developers, but remember you're doing this at your own risk. See Install a firmware or watchface to know how to install a firmware.

Getting the firmware

Since we may not distribute the firmware, you have to find it elsewhere :( Early firmware updates for prototypes were part of Mi Fit, but are only made available via OTA updates.

Choosing the right firmware version


Installing the firmware


Known firmware versions

Bip S without NFC

fw ver tested notes res ver gps ver fw-md5 res-md5 gps-md5 yes pre-installed firmware ? 18344,eb2f43f,126 ? ? ? WIP needs a new font format 93 19226,f3a8ad3,135 ? ? 2c95f2a6079bbef04ab47c1ffbe5b5fd


  • The initial 2.0 firmware was compatible with original Bip font files, also the emoji font. All languages seemed to be supported (eg. German, Russian and Chinese).
  • With 2.1, the fonts are completely incompatible, it seems that the selectable languages depend on which font is installed. The one we installed took away chinese support and the fonts looks slim (like a Bip latin firmware font). Notably Japansese character AND German umlauts work when English is selected. There is no longer a need for merging fonts but custom emoji fonts for the Bip no longer work.