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Mi Band 4 Firmware Update


Installing firmwares has the potential to brick your gadget! That said, this has never happened to any of the developers, but remember you're doing this at your own risk. See Install a firmware or watchface to know how to install a firmware.

Getting the firmware

Since we may not distribute the firmware, you have to find it elsewhere :( Mi Band 4 firmware updates were never part of Mi Fit, but are only made available via OTA updates.

Choosing the right firmware version

At least up to firmware, it is possible to use the non-NFC firmware with the NFC variant!

It is also probably possible to do the other way (using NFC firmware on the non-NFC model), but we did not test that

Device Name HW Revisions Codename Default Language
Mi Band 4 V0.25.129.5, V0.25.130.5, V0.25.131.5 Cinco M Chinese
Mi Smart Band 4 V0.25.17.5, V0.25.18.5, V0.25.19.5 Cinco M English
Mi Band 4 NFC V0.25.131.21 Cinco L Chinese

Installing the firmware

Copy the desired Mi Band 4 .fw and .res files to your Android device and open the .fw file from any file manager on that device. The Gadgetbridge firmware update activity should then be started and guide you through the installation process. Repeat with the .res file (you don't have to do this if the previous version you flashed had exactly the same .res version).

If you get the error "Element cannot be installed" or "The file format is not supported" try a different file manager. Amaze should work.

Known firmware versions

Mi Band 4 without NFC

fw ver tested known issues res ver fw-md5 res-md5 no ? 54 94fb3e51ec3afe9895a760b435d8efb8 811e694acce59080f874bf932f50115d no ? 54 df8d5ca412d81bc0f7d3051e0c638111 811e694acce59080f874bf932f50115d yes ? 55 e629a4dcc6130a51162b1b87a993aa2a 0417fd1012ed6e89a0079c82350de724 yes ? 56 cef6f0ce5191511922afb7a4d603b3a4 9a8bbe5014eed43b7f65a54223030616 no ? 60 4e5dedd1fd69cf60802ea9df5bcb28ce ae6cddeaa8cc04a3948b5264b423a398 no ? 61 cb3248a109a6d37e7e29f36d8308aa43 9ef36239e418b9139556073ec2aa6754 no ? 62 3f4dc1d12169ffa2898fb40ff67a464e 8393c01139210b427ba24ca8a81ff37c no ? 62 ea65e095a494442ef55a8caca57bc0df 8393c01139210b427ba24ca8a81ff37c no ? 62 48287cc00586033329e90243313d6185 8393c01139210b427ba24ca8a81ff37c no ? 65 f237c0aee4f7c7fb0b62efec63c16b8c b5a337cbdad2c94e15e81f1be636d3f8 no ? 66 8bad3bb799439b6d05d83a0d81636933 1745f524af56b8a79d36726b470e0729 no ? 66 3d9a58f2616f0e35caafa2fd6f743a65 1745f524af56b8a79d36726b470e0729 no ? 68 fa1c0064d2b6017d3ec4498df6b261f8 faafb3d7cb622004de62f4877beb1021 no ? 66 e8455e686610bcf1cb5195d9784c0f01 1745f524af56b8a79d36726b470e0729 yes ? 83 62936854f743d2c40eeb70412a809cb6 343b6866d43a6cc0cddafa81e7d0b3e5 no ? ?? ??? ??? yes ? 97 8644e754fffcfe19411ad483200cf6d2 330c72af36728fff9b57d4e101cca1ea

Mi Band 4 with NFC

fw ver tested known issues res ver fw-md5 res-md5 yes ? ? 69b78e8315861316b79e5a0ea3c14132 ac5b111828961d984982eb566bde9b15

Custom font

You can flash through Gadgetbridge a custom .ft font file which will allow the device to display some emojis and accented characters.

You also need to enable "Use custom font" in your device specific settings.

As always, flash at your own risk!

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