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Mi Band 5 Firmware Update


Installing firmwares has the potential to brick your gadget! That said, this has never happened to any of the developers, but remember you're doing this at your own risk. See Install a firmware or watchface to know how to install a firmware.

Getting the firmware

Since we may not distribute the firmware, you have to find it elsewhere :( Mi Band 5 firmware updates were never part of Mi Fit/Zepp, but are only made available via OTA updates.

Choosing the right firmware version

Device Name HW Revisions Codename Default Language
Mi Smart Band 5 V0.44.19.2 Kongming L English

It seems that the firmware for L and non L variant are unified

Installing the firmware

Copy the desired Mi Band 5 .fw and .res files to your Android device and open the .fw file from any file manager on that device. The Gadgetbridge firmware update activity should then be started and guide you through the installation process. Repeat with the .res file (you don't have to do this if the previous version you flashed had exactly the same .res version).

If you get the error "Element cannot be installed" or "The file format is not supported" try a different file manager. Amaze should work.

Known firmware versions

Mi Band 5

fw ver tested known issues res ver fw-md5 res-md5 yes ? 54 347bc1d7be3e758c8e52da0fa419aeff cb4242786e5bd91e3f69bdf11d2e4b59 yes ? 57 791ba427b4e56daf1fa6f4e27f36c07a c1bf77b16ea34e34799d33c72cf001b6 yes ? 63 ce39df2453a5e13c3db53628a9129a15 31338e2fe2402baa35400ebdf7575cc9 yes ? 87 71e28c52b3c8397ef95564a633be6582 313fd036d34d610d173231f6bb90c8c0 yes ? ? ? ?

(Mifit updated my band to while extracting the unique key. Therefore I have not md5sums.)

Custom font

You can flash through Gadgetbridge a custom .ft font file which will allow the device to display some emojis and accented characters.

You also need to enable "Use custom font" in your device specific settings.

As always, flash at your own risk!

Source: Geekdoing