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Huami GPS

Some gadgets (Bip, Bip S...) contain a GPS receiver.

The GPS chip performs better if it has recent aGPS data.

aGPS data can be uploaded to some devices using the instructions below. Not all newer devices can be updated with aGPS data via Gadgetbridge, per issue #2253

This can be obtained via huami-token, for example:

python ./ -m xiaomi -e my@email -p p4ssword -g

That will download the following two files:


From the you unzip cep_pak.bin and gps_alm.bin and flash into the watch.

You can also do the same with the huami-token python script wrapped into python GUI kivi and packaged for Android as the huafetcher.

It downloads and unzips the cep_pak.bin and gps_alm.bin into /storage/emulated/0.

Zepp OS

Zepp OS devices can update aGPS data by installing an EPO zip file. This is currently enabled for the some gadgets.

The changes to fetch EPO files on huami-token and huafetcher are not yet merged: