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Zepp OS extras

Experimental settings

Use Device Settings Intent API with zepp_os_experimental_features key to enable experimental settings for Zepp OS.


Experimental features may be unstable. Proceed at your own risk!

adb shell am broadcast \
    -a "nodomain.freeyourgadget.gadgetbridge.action.SET_DEVICE_SETTING" \
    -e "device" "xx:xx:xx:xx:xx" \
    -e "key" "zepp_os_experimental_features" \
    -e "value" "true"

Decoding workout summary

The workout summary consists of 2 bytes containing the summary version, followed by a protobuf encoded payload.

You can decode it using the following, for version 0x0080:

cat null_summary.bin | \
    dd bs=1 skip=2 | \
    protoc --decode WorkoutSummary --proto_path ~/workspace/Gadgetbridge/app/src/main/proto huami.proto

Change region

You can use the Device Settings Intent API to change the device region, by setting the device_region string preference (added in commit 483ef27a4f). The region should be a 2-letter code (eg. de for Germany).